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Roo Jerky 500g


Australian Kangaroo Jerky is a perfect, easily broken into a bite size treat made from Kangaroo from the wide-open paddocks of Victoria. They are an ideal training treat or a fantastic reward for your pampered and active pooch.

Ingredients: Australian free range Victorian Kangaroo and meal.

Nutrition: Protein 18% Fat 12% Fibre <1% Salt <2%

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Product Information

  • Ingredients derived from plant, animal, or mined sources.
  • Roo Jerky is NOT COOKED. It is slowly dried. The process enhances the great meaty taste pets love best.
  • No artificial additives or nasties.
  • Fantastic to break into small pieces for training or given as a reward just for being cute.
  • Great for healthy gums and cleaning teeth.
  • Suit all sizes and ages, especially great for our senior friends due to the softer texture.
  • Fair Dinkum Aussie Pet Products have developed safe and affordable pet products for dogs, made from healthy ingredients.
  • Please note that none of our products are imported. Imported pet treats are mostly irradiated to be able to get into Australia. Our healthy treats are all locally sourced. Feel confident knowing that giving your best friend a treat from Fair Dinkum is always the best.
  • Fair Dinkum Pet Products always recommend responsible supervision when any treat is given to your furry friend


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