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Baked Bones Liver & Kidney 1kg


Baked Beef Bone Biscuits are a great treat for your pooch.

Our Baked Beef Bone Biscuits include some of the best healthy ingredients like Methionine, Omega 3+6, Vitamins-minerals and also some garlic to help with worms.

Ingredients: Whole Grain wheat, tallow, beef liver & kidney, meat meal, garlic powder, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, flaxseed meal, vitamins & minerals, titanium dioxide.

Nutrition: Protein 11% Fat 6% Fibre <10% Moisture <10% Salt .75%

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Product Information

  • Ingredients derived from plant, animal or mined sources.
  • No artificial additives or nasties
  • Perfect a simple and perfect healthy treat
  • Great for healthy gums and cleaning teeth
  • Fair Dinkum Aussie Pet Products have developed safe and affordable pet products for dogs, made from healthy ingredients.
  • Please note that none of our products are imported. Imported pet treats are mostly irradiated to be able to get into Australia. Our healthy treats are all locally sourced. Feel confident knowing that giving your best friend a treat from Fair Dinkum is always the best.
  • Fair Dinkum Pet Products always recommend responsible supervision when any treat is given to your furry friend


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