From Paddock
to Pooch

At Fair Dinkum Aussie Pet Products, we’re all about creating locally sourced healthy dog and cat treats. From vast paddocks and pastures, our pet treats come to your door from a family owned business who value their dogs and cats as much as you do.

Each of us here have our own pet buddies and are passionate about creating enticing and beneficial products to keep tails wagging.

Locally sourced and naturally delicious

We are a proudly Australian company. This means that all of our pet treats have been sourced within Australia, from Aussie meat producers who share our values and ethics. All of the suppliers we work with are certified by AQIS and provide us with ingredients of only the highest standard.

Our dehydrated dog treats are all naturally delicious and include ingredients like vitamins we know will benefit your four legged friend.

An awesome range of Australian flavours

We know that no two pets are alike. Our Australian dog and cat treats cater to all. From vegetarian options and all time favourites like chicken, beef, pork and lamb right through to more game based ingredients like kangaroo and seafood options, the flavour profiles are certain to tempt your furry buddy.

Natural flavours and natural processes

Pet treat preparation varies quite a lot. We’re often asked how we make dehydrated dog treats. It’s important to us to only use the best processes to extract the right flavours and textures. All of our natural dog treats are made using local ingredients, locally sourced and then slow air dried.

Slow drying works by removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones we source. The process enhances the great meaty taste dogs love best. It is completely natural, with no deep frying, smoking, chemical drying or artificial processing.

Closely monitored by our team, we ensure that the ingredients are heated to 72 degrees Celsius for 10 hours to destroy all pathogenic organisms (including salmonella). Each ingredient is treated differently due to variation in sizing and moisture content. The pet treats are dehydrated, not cooked, making them chewy and healthy for your pet.

Part of a balanced pet diet

Your pet’s diet supports their overall health – both physical and mental. It’s important that their pet food supplies a range of nutrients as well as mental stimulation. Consider for a moment how you might feel eating the same food with the same texture all the time!

Most of our pet treats are naturally based, but often feature some additional vitamins and minerals that may otherwise be lacking in their diet. By offering a range of flavours, ingredients and textures to your pooch, you also stimulate their different senses and can assist with gum health, dental requirements and issues such as anxiety.

A personalised approach to pet treats

The Fair Dinkum Pet Products team have created a wide range of chewable products to allow your dog to enjoy great natural flavours. Choose from Liver Treats, Kangaroo Chews, Pork Trotters, Pigs Ears, Seafood and many more.

Certain breeds and individual pets may have specific dietary requirements. We are on hand to help you select the right pet treat for your pet.

Our dog and cat treats come in the following categories:

  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Senior
  • Cats

We pack, wrap and label according to your pet’s individual needs, tastes and requirements.

Loving your pooch means controlling their diet

We totally understand the desire to reward pets with what we humans think are treats. It’s critical to remember that what might work for us isn’t necessarily great for your beloved pet. Human treats can be dangerous – if not lethal to dogs and cats.

That’s why it’s important to support your pet’s nutrition with pet treats specifically created for your dog and cat’s digestive system. Pet health and wellbeing is our passion. If it’s your too, we know you’ll appreciate our range – and your pooch and kitty will be pretty happy with your choice too!


Our new, slow drying process creates perfect treats.

Slow drying works by removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones sourced from export quality meat processors in Australia.

The process enhances the great meaty taste pets love best. It is completely natural, with no deep frying, smoking, chemical drying or artificial processing.

The raw material is prepared and cut to size prior to the drying process. Products are then placed on specialised mobile stainless steel racks, and moved into the drying rooms. The computerised jet-dryers are then programmed according to the particular product to be dried. All products are processed and dried differently due to the variance in size and moisture content in each particular treat.

All products are subjected to a heat treatment of 72 degrees Celsius for 10 hours which is sufficient to destroy all pathogenic organisms (including salmonella).

The drying process is very important and monitored closely by our staff and Quality Assurance team, to ensure that the product does not cook, but dehydrates making the product healthy and safe for pets.

Our treats are manufactured in Australia.

All of our raw material is sourced from export-registered abattoirs across the country.  This means that our abattoir partners are certified by AQIS as producing product that meets exacting standards – which AQIS applies to Export as well as Imported product.

With a raw material collection network from over 20 of Australia’s top abattoirs on a daily basis, Fair Dinkum Products can guarantee consistent supply of raw materials for production that ensures the quality and full availability of our product to your customers.